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Case study: Transforming a nonprofit to transform health

Our insights and leadership strategy helped this healthcare nonprofit open 20 new clinics, where they now serve over 250,000 uninsured patients annually.

The Opportunity:
Our client was a faith-based healthcare nonprofit with the laudable mission to provide the uninsured with quality care. Unfortunately, when the organization approached us, it was on life support itself. The nonprofit’s operations were struggling to scale patient care, and donor funds were dwindling.

Our Approach:
There were many opportunities to stabilize this nonprofit and grow its ability to meet rising community need. We employed participatory design methods and activities that validated the healthcare nonprofit’s opportunities within the community. Through co-creation with our client, we brought to bear new perspectives outside of their category, that informed a more robust strategy for fundraising and operations. When looking at organizational remodeling, our team also proffered the possibility of outsourced leadership.

The “Aha!” Insight:
The healthcare nonprofit client recognized immediately the value of expertise outside of their discipline. By truly partnering with us, the nonprofit was able to leverage a richer and more diverse aggregation of experience in service to a more sustainable organization and strategic plan.

The Epic Pivot:
We crafted new messaging around the Client’s mission, while also identifying opportunities for affiliates in new markets where this messaging would also resonate. Their fundraising strategy was retooled with a goal to retain existing donors while securing new national funders. Perhaps most notably, the opportunity for new outsourced leadership was identified, as a means to successfully implement high quality, lasting change.

The Results:
Our own VP of Client Transformation stepped into a leadership role with the nonprofit, and eventually transitioned out of our own team into a dedicated role as President of the healthcare nonprofit. The healthcare nonprofit successfully opened 20 new clinics across the country, and secured a seven figure grant from a major national donor. Through their expanding network and resources they are fulfilling their mission to transform the health and well-being of the beloved communities they serve.

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