Corporate Headquarters
651 Oakleaf Office Lane
Memphis, TN 38117

Knoxville Office
106 Gore SW
Knoxville, TN 37919

Satellite Offices

(901) 726-1008
[email protected]

2508 Sam Cooper Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38112
Nashville / Knoxville
(901) 726-1008
[email protected]
Our Culture
Epic Pivot is a unique place. Here your career is limited only by the constraints you place upon it. You can incubate a business or carve out a path based on your innate proclivities and interests, while surrounded by talented peers who inspire you into doing and being your best within an aura of respect.

What kind of culture do we have?

  • A culture of possibility: For ourselves and our clients
  • A culture of purpose and potential: We strive to bring out the best in each other and our clients
  • A culture of excellence: Professional standards, high qualifications, globally-competitive skills, communication, profit
  • A culture of constructive engagement: Every assumption may be safely questioned; every thought, concept and issue may be challenged while the respect for people is paramount; we provoke each other into excellence, ceaseless innovation—this is our tuning and refining dialectic  
  • A culture of learning: We study. We share. We converse. We debate. We make mistakes and learn from them, and it’s OK. We are insatiably curious, thank goodness. 
  • A culture of respect:  Respect people. Respect time. Respect ideas. Respect change.
  • A culture of community: Help everyone succeed by doing your best. Show up on time, be prepared, be present and ready to participate.
  • A culture of growth: Growth is a riddle; sometimes it hurts, but is healthy. We challenge ourselves to take risks daily, realizing that often to grow, one must be uncomfortable but trusting.
  • A culture of adventure: We are a thinking enterprise and a mission-based business; the path unfolds as we step into the unknown. 


Core Values

  • We trust one another
  • We speak candor and respect
  • We act with dignity and we respect the dignity of others
  • We are curious, resourceful and adaptive 
  • We never give up
  • We stay educated and informed
  • We are confident but humble
  • We listen to others: without judgment, without interruption, and without electronic diversion
  • We are people of our word—we do what we say 
  • We are proactive in conflict resolution
  • We forgive others and ourselves
  • We affirm others
  • We are accountable
  • We take risks, we take action
  • We do not make decisions in fear or anger
  • We have positive attitudes and outlooks
  • We do not tolerate triangulations or politics
  • We are on a quest for excellence
  • We insist on standards, timelines and processes
  • We are passionate about our work, and find it fun 
  • We dig deep for insights and don’t stop digging until we discover them

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A proven record of success

We have led more than 250 successful engagements in transformation, innovation, insights, and strategies. We’ve worked with Fortune 100 corporations to small businesses, nonprofits of all sizes, military service branches, municipalities, and private equity groups. We’ve touched many sectors in 15+ years of running. Check out highlights from our portfolio and industries served here.