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Here’s what some of our clients think about our Innovation and DE&I leadership development, including work with the AEM-Cube tool:
After attending Tabitha’s 2-day Strategic Diversity Summit, my colleague and I were inspired to bring this incredibly relevant and impactful content back to our organization. Creating a tailored experience for our team of 200 was an A+ experience from start to finish. She exceeded our expectations by listening and collaborating with us to ensure our organization got the most out of the learning session. Our team found her strategic approach to Diversity and Inclusion to be unique and applicable as we explored the different ways people think in business. We learned more about ourselves, our teams and how a focus on Cognitive Diversity has proven to deliver more to the bottom line.

– Macon Jamieson

    Senior Director, Fortune 200 Manufacturing Company

Over the years, I’ve attended many conferences and symposiums on subjects ranging from personal growth to organizational efficiency. During these events, I remember a few capable speakers presenting themselves as real subject matter experts, but far fewer were able to captivate the audiences with meaningful engagement and topic fluidity. During her talks on both “Strategic Diversity” and “Smart-Tech Solutions,” Tabitha Scott not only showed a command of topic(s), but she also provided the inspiration and roadmap for plan execution.
Charismatic, engaging and topically incisive… Tabitha and the team she works with has earned this recommendation!

– Shiro Onedera

    CEO, Seraphim Analytics

I have had the pleasure of working with Epic Pivot’s team in our Information Technology organization and at our women’s professional organization. No matter if the content is IT Technical strategy or behavior driven concepts, they are able to navigate the content in a clear and engaging manner. They are precise in the approach to laying out presentations and also highly inclusive with regard to audience participation. With a highly engaged audience Tabitha creates an enthusiastic energy in the room. She is a presence that is rare in this space, uniquely authentic, and out right enjoyable if you get the chance to hear her speak.

– Penny Cupp

     Senior Director, Tractor Supply Company (Fortune 400)

A proven record of success

We have led more than 250 successful engagements in transformation, innovation, insights, and strategies. We’ve worked with Fortune 100 corporations to small businesses, nonprofits of all sizes, military service branches, municipalities, and private equity groups. We’ve touched many sectors in 15+ years of running. Check out highlights from our portfolio and industries served here.