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Our innovation and DE&I offerings using the AEM-Cube tool are highly customized to fit each organization’s or team’s needs. Common offerings include:
  • Cognitive DEI&BI: Identify gaps and opportunities in cognitive diversity (by team and individual job alignment). Learn how inclusion increases profits, efficiency and strategies to optimize output.
  • Engaging Experience: Discuss how cognitive diversity and success are interrelated in active workshops (in person or remote). Participate in rapid innovation and operations double-blind live experiences.
  • Team Building: Highlight Team and Organizational AEM result maps and reports to identify specific opportunities and risks for burnout, retention, innovation, and operations success.
  • Individual & Team Development: Individual AEM-Cube reports will be provided to help everyone understand where they are most energized and at risk of burnout at work. This tool uncovers where each person’s maximum contribution lies, so everyone has something personal and valuable to keep.
    Additional Resources:

    Interview with Human Insights about how cognitive diversity increases innovation.

    Strategic Diversity Symposium hosted by Epic Pivot’s team.

    Harvard Business Review: Cognitively Diverse Teams Solve Problems Faster
    Article One / Article two

    How People Contribute to Growth-Curves

    The book: Always Change a Winning Team

    Blueprint to a Billion (book and research into boardroom dynamics)

    The AEM-Cube®: A Management Tool, Based on Ecological Concepts, in Order to Profit From Diversity


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