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Ways to Engage
We work closely with business owners, corporate executives, and organizational leaders on sustainable growth, helping them make Epic Pivots to successfully leverage new opportunities. Because of the sensitive nature of our work, we understand how challenging it can be to bring in an outside partner. Therefore, we have designed a client journey process to enable new clients to get to know us before partnering more deeply.

Workshops &

Our client journey often begins with a workshop or assessment designed to quickly add value and uncover key challenges to be solved. These workshops typically feature a discreet scope, timeframe, and budget, and creates an opportunity to learn your organization and share how we can add value. Examples include Design Thinking, Strategic Planning & Visioning, Team Dynamics Assessments, and Focus Groups & Co-Creation Workshops.


For clients who already have a clear view of their needs, we engage with an Insights, Innovation, Customer Experience, or Strategy project. These projects typically require two to six months to complete and conclude with a detailed final presentation containing deep insights and specific, actionable recommendations. Examples includeDeep Qualitative Human Insights, Growth Strategy, Innovation Challenge, and Customer Journey Mapping.


Many clients ask us to help guide their growth journey on a retained basis, typically when they do not have the specialized team members needed to execute effectively, or when they need a neutral third party to navigate the internal cultural dynamics needed to drive change. Because these relationships help generate organizational transformation, they often require a minimum of six to twelve months with the majority continuing for several years. Examples include a Customer Center of Excellence, New Venture Piloting, Customer Advisory Panels, Innovation Embedment, and Purposeful Transformation.


We enjoy applying our growth tools and processes to build new companies in addition to advising our clients. Over the years, we have created and launched many new businesses by partnering with clients and entrepreneurs who possess unique intellectual property or underutilized assets and need guidance bringing them to market. We also take calculated risks with many of our clients and believe in having “skin in the game,” often working at a reduced fee in return for equity and success fees.

A proven record of success

We have led more than 250 successful engagements in transformation, innovation, insights, and strategies. We’ve worked with Fortune 100 corporations to small businesses, nonprofits of all sizes, military service branches, municipalities, and private equity groups. We’ve touched many sectors in 15+ years of running. Check out highlights from our portfolio and industries served here.